Tissue Grafts

Tissue Grafts

Recession occurs when the tissue moves from the base of the tooth and exposes the root surface. This can create sensitivity and put the exposed root at risk for a cavity. Depending upon your needs, we can transplant your tissue or donor tissue to the compromised or fragile areas of your smile, helping to protect you from decay, tooth loss, and reduce dental sensitivity.

Gum tissue can recede for many different reasons including periodontal disease, a physical trauma (brushing too hard, incorrectly or with a hard toothbrush), tooth position, and aging. Unfortunately, associated with every type of recession, there is underlying bone loss. If the recession is severe, some of the tooth’s root can become exposed. This can make the tooth:

  • More sensitive to hot or cold temperatures
  • More prone to root cavities
  • More prone to further bone loss
  • More prone to tooth loss
  • More prone to being an esthetic issue for the patient

Soft tissue grafts are sometimes performed to treat gum disease or correct other abnormalities. The procedure involves taking gum tissue from the palate or another donor source to cover an exposed root in order to cover the recession, prevent further gum/bone loss, enhance esthetics, and to reduce the odds of root sensitivity and decay.

Let our expert staff help you with your soft tissue graft in Parker or Cherry Creek, CO.

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