Oral Medicine

Both Dr. Butler and Dr. Riffel both specialize in Oral Medicine. We treat many of our patients who have oral conditions due to certain medications, underlying illness, food choices, and even allergies. 


Things like medication can often cause dry mouth. When you come in for your dental exam, we will help find what might be causing your oral condition and help you come up with a solution. We work closely with a physician to see what other options are available to help combat the issue. We might even recommend a certain medication or find an alternative solution. We also collaborate with compounding pharmacies to help concoct the correct formula to correct your oral condition. 


During your exam, we also do oral cancer screenings. If there seems to be an abnormality, we will do a biopsy by removing a small sample of gum tissue where it will be analyzed in a lab.


If you have any oral issues or concerns, be sure to schedule an appointment with us today. Our expert staff will take great care of you.