Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Replacing Failing & Missing Teeth

You might have asked yourself, “Why should I replace my missing teeth?” This is a great question! The majority of the time, people don’t think to replace them, especially if they are in the back of the mouth like your molars. Most people think that if they can’t see it then they don’t need to replace it. The reason you need to replace the them is that there is a higher chance of experiencing bone deterioration, and the teeth that surround the area have a less chance of survival. There are several issues that can occur if you don’t get the tooth replaced. Your jawbone can start to weaken or deteriorate whenever a tooth is missing, causing a recessed appearance on your outer smile. Also, the longer a tooth is missing, the more likely it is for your other teeth to shift into the hollow space.


We believe that you should always replace your missing teeth. If you are needing an extraction or are looking to find the right tooth replacement, we would love to see you. Schedule your appointment today.

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