Initial Exam and Radiographs

You are unique and your oral health is as well.

We do not do “cookie-cutter” therapy. Therefore, in order for us to customize your treatment options to fit your needs, we must have a full grasp of your overall condition.

Our treatment begins with a comprehensive review of your medical and dental history. There are many medical conditions that can affect your oral health, therefore, it is important to be as detailed as possible in completing your health history form. These forms are best filled out by you prior to your appointment and will be reviewed in detail with you at your first appointment. These forms will be sent to your email and completed electronically for your convenience.

Next, there is a comprehensive review of current radiographs. Current x-rays are essential to proper diagnosis and treatment planning. If you have had a full mouth series of x-rays in the last 12 months at your dentist’s office, please request that a copy of these x-rays be sent to our office at least 1 week prior to your appointment. The doctors will have a chance to thoroughly evaluate your x-rays prior to your appointment. If your x-rays are older than 12 months, we will plan on taking appropriate x-rays at your appointment if they are warranted.

Following the review of current x-rays, we will complete a full intra-oral evaluation. This will consist of taking measurements of the bone, tissue, teeth, and bite. We will also complete an oral cancer screening of your head and neck tissues, including your mouth.

After all these aspects have been detailed, together we will begin to discuss your oral health condition and treatment options.