Scaling & Root Planing

Non-surgical therapy targets the removal of the bacteria and their deposits from the tissues and root surfaces of teeth with deep pockets. This involves numbing the tissues, bone, and teeth so effective deep cleaning can be accomplished below the gum line. This is called scaling and root planing. Sometimes, local antibiotics may be recommended in deeper areas after the scaling/root planning has been completed to help fight the bacteria in a deeper pocket. A bite adjustment, bite appliance or splinting may also be recommended if you have loose teeth in order to make the teeth more stable during the healing from the scaling and root planing.

If overly aggressive brushing techniques are eroding the gums or poor oral hygiene, a dental exam may be recommended to rid the gum pockets of debris and bacteria. In the case of a severe calculus (tartar) build-up, scaling, and root planing will be performed to heal the gingival inflammation and clean the teeth. By removing the plaque and tartar, your gums should begin to return to good health. If you think you might need scaling or root planning, come in for a consultation and our expert team will make sure you are taking care of.