Traditional Osseous Surgery

Osseous (meaning “bone”) surgery involves removing and/or reshaping the jawbone under the gum. It is called “osseous surgery” because most of the damage that occurs takes place in the underlying bone. Actually, gum disease and its attendant infection that spreads below the gum tissue can destroy the bone structure below. The bone becomes irregularly shaped, preventing the gum from laying down flat. Periodontal disease causes the supporting tissue and bone around and below your teeth to become destroyed. Over time, deep pockets develop and are breeding grounds for infection and decay. Eventually, if too much bone is lost, the teeth will need to be extracted. A regenerative procedure can reverse some of the damage by regenerating lost bone and tissue.Traditional osseous surgery involves folding back the gum tissue and removal of the disease-causing bacteria. Membranes (filters), bone grafts, or tissue-stimulating proteins can be used to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue. A less invasive form of the surgery is the LANAP Protocol (Laser Periodontal Therapy Program). When you come in for surgical treatment, you will be in great hands with our amazing team. For more information call and schedule an appointment today.