Root Coverage & Gum Grafting

Root Coverage & Gum Grafting

Our gums can recede for a number of reasons, including periodontal disease.  One of the most common causes of gum recession is having naturally thin, weak gums to begin with. Gum recession can occur at any age, sometimes beginning even as a teenager! 


Recession occurs when the tissue moves from the base of the tooth and exposes the root surface.  This can create sensitivity and put the exposed root at risk for a cavity.  Recession not only weakens the overall support of the teeth but also can affect aesthetics in a negative way. 


In most cases, gum grafting can repair the problem, restore your smile, and help prevent additional recession and bone loss. There are many types of gum grafts, including using your own gum tissue from another area of your mouth or utilizing donor tissue which has been thoroughly screened and tested to ensure your safety. Many different surgical techniques that have been developed for different unique situations, including root coverage procedures without any graft at all!

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