About Us

Dr. Butler, Dr. Riffel, and the staff of Mountainview Periodontics & Dental Implants have an outstanding reputation earned by excellence in periodontal, implant and oral medicine dental care in a personally fulfilling, values-oriented, relaxed and professional environment. Our friendly, skilled, and sincere service is second to none. Through continuing education, we stay focused on the latest developments in Periodontics.


Meet Our Team

Ilene Garcia

Treatment Coordinator

My favorite part of dentistry is seeing the life changing result that oral health can provide for our patients. Meeting wonderful people and making a difference in their life, is what makes my job worthwhile.”
As the office treatment coordinator, she helps manage our patients’ financial needs and maximize their insurance benefit. She is also communicating daily with our referring offices regarding patient care.

Ilene joined our team as our surgical assistant in 2014. She has been in dentistry of over 20 years. Today, you will find Ilene tending to daily office operations and assisting where needed. 

Ilene is a Colorado native. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, playing with her children, and enjoying the outdoors.

1.  Favorite sports team – Denver Nuggets
2.  Favorite color – Red
3.  Person you admire the most and why? – My dad, he taught me what hard work and sacrifice looks like. He was  always determined to work hard or as much as possible to make sure we had what we needed. I never heard him complain he was tired, underpaid, or over worked. He is a good man and so easy to love. I have never met a single person who dislikes him. 
4.  Favorite prophy paste flavor – Mint
5.  Dream bucket list trip location –  Bora Bora 
6.  Favorite food – Indian Tacos
7.  Why you love dentistry –  My favorite part of dentistry is seeing the life changing result that oral health can provide for our patients. 
8.  Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Hanging out with my family and spending time outdoors.

Jennifer Greer

Professional Relationship Director

She is your connection to our office!
“I love the time I’ve spent in dentistry. I love seeing the transformation of patient’s overall health in periodontics, from the moment they walk into our office to their final visit. Seeing the change and helping to facilitate the best possible experience for our patients and referring practices is very gratifying.”

Jennifer already had an accomplished background when she came to us in 2011, having worked in business consulting and human resources before coming on board as our Office Manager. She quickly became an indispensable member of our team and quickly found her passion in the healthcare industry.
Now she is our Professional Relationship Director, which means her job is to work with you. Jennifer will be visiting your practice regularly to check in with you and your team and see what we can do to support you. She will assist in all “Lunch and Learn” and “Continuing Education” Events. Jennifer believes that the best relationships are built on accessibility and clear communication. She’s on call whenever you need to take your questions or hear your feedback, and also to provide information about patients you entrust in our care. 
Away from the office, Jennifer demonstrates the same level of dedication to her family. She and her husband Will have been married for 20 years. Their girls Dylan and Tori are very active in Varsity Cheer and the Colorado Children’s Chorale respectively. Over the years she has spent significant time volunteering with the Junior League of Denver and Girl Scout of Colorado. Currently, she is a member of the National Charity league with her daughter’s volunteering primarily in Douglas County. She enjoys skiing, traveling, and the arts.

1.  Favorite sports team? Denver Broncos
2.  Favorite color? blue
3.  Person you admire the most and why? Michelle Obama she is intelligent, strong, genuine and relatable.
4.  Favorite prophy paste flavor? Mint
5.  Dream bucket list trip location? Heli Skiing in the far Northern Hemisphere
6.  Favorite food? Chipotle
7.  Why you love dentistry? I have always been fascinated by teeth. My grandfather was a dentist.
8.  Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Walk my dog Lucy and ride my Peloton.

Karen Shoop

Front Desk

My career in dentistry began after receiving my Associate in Arts degree 42 years ago. I began as a dental assistant when living in Maryland and Washington D.C. and after moving to Colorado I began working on the administrative side of Dentistry. I was an implant/treatment coordinator for 15 years and have since worked on the front office administrative side. My experience has been in General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Periodontics. I enjoy dentistry because it feels good to be able to help people with compassionate caring treatment that gives them healthy smiles that are so important to them and makes them feel good about themselves. I have always enjoyed the medical/dental side as well as patient relationships.

1.  Favorite sports team? Broncos
2.  Favorite color – Orange
3.  Person you admire the most and why? Not one person, but anyone that volunteers to help the elderly
4.  Favorite prophy paste flavor ? Mint
5.  Dream bucket list trip location?  Italy
6.  Favorite food? Seafood, crab cakes
7.  Why you love dentistry?  I love to see how happy people get when they have a nice smile. Helping people with kindness and calming each persons fears
8.  Favorite thing to do on weekend? Going to vintage markets, shops and camping.

Adrian Retana

Dental Assistant

I chose dentistry because it sounded very interesting to me and loved the idea about it. I grew up not going to the dentist like I should of so that kind of played a role of why I wanted to be part of it. To help and educate others about it. I started working for a pediatric office back home in Kansas. I was there for two and a half years I loved working with kids just listening to them or their way of thinking almost like an imaginary world I thought It was pretty cool (low key I miss it sometimes). After that moved out of town and started working for a general dentist in Lawrence KS. I learned a lot working there for sure. Even though sometimes it was very challenging for me. I don’t regret it at all. 

I loved assisting with any restorations. Doing E4D crowns and fillings were probably my favorite. After almost two years I decided to try perio. I got to work for some awesome doctors. I’ve always been lucky and blessed by the bosses I’ve had. The thing I love about perio is assisting on surgeries and of course helping patients. I assisted for a year in perio back home in Kansas. Now I’m here in Denver working for amazing Doctor’s and couldn’t be any more grateful.

1. Favorite sports team: Kansas City Royals/Chiefs 
2. Favorite color: Orange 
3. Person I admire the most: It would have to be my parents for sure. They did everything and gave everything for me and my siblings in order for us to have a better education, life, better opportunities and for us to live the American dream. 
4. Favorite prophet paste: I would have to go with mint for sure. 
5. Dream bucket list location: I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. 
6. Favorite food: Mexican food for sure.
7. Why do I love dentistry? I love dentistry because I love helping patients with whatever treatment is needed even though sometimes patients are afraid of dentistry it’s very rewarding to see them smile and be happy after their treatment is all complete. I also love assisting on surgeries they’re just so interesting to me. 
8. Favorite thing to do on the weekend: I love spending time at home with my family and my dogs. 

Crystal Moore

Dental Hygienist

I have always loved teeth. I can remember being a small child and making comments about movie stars teeth. When I became a Broncos fan, it was because Shannon Sharpe had “beautiful, big white teeth”. I became an Expanded Duties Dental assistant while finishing up high school and when I graduated I worked up front in a dental office. 

One day I got to watch the dentist perform a root canal and I was fascinated. I’ve spent the last 20+ years learning and growing as an EDDA and finally had the opportunity to follow my dreams of attending dental hygiene school in Denver. I took my career as far as I could as an EDDA and was still in love with dentistry over 20 years later so, with a lot of support from my husband and friends, I applied to dental hygiene school.

I graduated in 2019 and began my lifelong goal of helping people obtain a beautiful healthy smile.

1.  Favorite sports team? Denver Broncos
2.  Favorite color? Red
3.  Person you admire the most and why? My adopted father, he was the most generous, kind, loving, patient human I’ve ever known. Everything I am, I am because of him.
4.  Favorite prophy paste flavor? Cinnamint, Wintermint
5.  Dream bucket list trip location? 1 month vacation to Europe starting in Portugal, followed up with 2 weeks in BoraBora
6.  Favorite food? Is green chile a food group? It should be. Lol
7.  Why you love dentistry? I have loved teeth since I was a child. I picked the Broncos as my favorite sports team because I loved Shannon Sharpe’s teeth when I was little. I still love his teeth, and his taste in clothes.
8.  Favorite thing to do on the weekend? On the weekends I love to spend quality time with my husband and my dog, living in Colorado means we never run out of things to do. I’ve also got quite the creative side, so I spend a lot of time on “crafts” or repurposing things I find.

Yesenia Lopez

Dental Assistant

I was only 20 when I started dentistry. I was so young and still not sure what I wanted to do. The general  office I did my internship hired me right after school. I loved it! I learned so much in the five in half years I was there. Surgery was something I always wanted to do. I lived in such a small town that oral surgery wasn’t close by. Till one day I decide to step out of my comfort zone and find an oral surgery office. I found Periodontics of Cherry Creek. I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice because I had a 45 minute to and hour drive to and from work. I am now 5 years in and I couldn’t be happier.

Caring for our patients and being part of such and amazing work family feels so good. Just knowing that we helped someone feel better about their smile makes me happy. I’m hoping that one day I’m able to apply for hygiene school and be able to retire as a hygienist. But for now I am very happy to be a dental assistant for Periodontics of Cherry Creek.

1. Favorite sports team- Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies
2. Favorite color- Hot pink
3. Person you admire the most and why?- My mom because she literally does it all, she’s multitasking hero, she never says no, she’s my life long support system my best friend, she puts us before her and everyday I learn something new from her.
4. Favorite prophy paste flavor.- Mint
5. Dream bucket list trip location- Sleep in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora, admire the sunset over Santorini, swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas.
6. Favorite food- Definitely Tacos
7. Why you love dentistry- I love the relationships I have had with patients. I feel like I have the ability to make patients feel comfortable. Putting patients first day in and day out. At the end of my work day I know I’ve helped someone.
8. Favorite thing to do on weekend- I love to cuddle up with my kids and watch all kinds of movies.