When we think about oral health, often, our first thoughts drift to our teeth as they are the first thing anyone notices about your smile. However, a genuinely radiant smile owes just as much to the vibrancy of your gums and the health that lies therein. At Mountainview Periodontics and Dental Implants in Parker, Colorado, and Periodontics of Cherry Creek in Glendale, Colorado, our periodontists take caring for your smile seriously through gum health care for all. 

Dr. Maryanne Butler and Dr. Amy Riffel offer an array of periodontal services at our offices in Parker and Glendale and work to ensure that each patient has healthy gums. If you’ve neglected the tender tissues that frame your smile, now’s your chance to turn over a new leaf in your dental health regimen.


Understanding Gum Health

Why Gum Health Is More Than Just a Footnote to Good Dental Care

Neglecting gum care can lead to problems, from mild irritation to more severe conditions, such as periodontitis, resulting in tooth loss. Common issues like gingivitis are often the early symptoms of declining gum health, signaling the need for better oral care practices.


The Impact of Poor Gum Health

Untreated gum issues can lead to chronic bad breath, bleeding, receding gums, and even systemic health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, by addressing gum health with our periodontal treatments, Dr. Butler and Dr. Riffel can help restore or manage unhealthy gums. Treatments we offer include: 



Tips for Healthy Gums: Mastering the Basics


Tricks to Improve Gum Health

The Mouthwash Matchup

Mouthwashes can be a beneficial adjunct to your oral care routine. Look for those with antimicrobial properties, particularly those with chlorhexidine, which can reduce the bacteria in your mouth that cause gum disease. However, it’s important to note that mouthwash should not be used as a substitute for brushing and flossing; instead, think of it as an extra layer of protection for your gums.


Nutrition for Nurtured Gums

What you eat can significantly impact your gum health. Nutrients like Vitamin C and K contribute to the preservation of the integrity of your gum tissue, while low-fat dairy can aid in fortifying tooth and bone structure. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, which are natural sources of antioxidants and nutrients, can help stave off gum issues.


Stress Less for Healthier Gums

Believe it or not, stress can manifest in your mouth, leading to clenching or grinding your teeth (bruxism), which can be hard on your gums. Finding ways to alleviate stress, whether through meditation, exercise, or picking up a hobby, can indirectly lead to healthier gums and improved overall health.


Gum Health Care in Colorado 

Caring for your gums is not just a side thought; it is a necessity that ensures the health of your smile as a whole. At Mountainview Periodontics and Dental Implants and Periodontics of Cherry Creek, we strive to provide the best care for each patient through periodontal treatments. With ways to care for your gums at home, you can take the necessary steps to ensure their health with the added care from our periodontists. Begin your journey to care for your gums by scheduling a consultation with our team today