Periodontics of Cherry Creek and Mountainview Periodontics and Dental Implants focuses on periodontics, or the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. Periodontics is integral to oral health, as healthy gums and bones around your teeth provide stability and support. Our Glendale, Colorado, and Parker, Colorado treatments include root coverage, gingivectomy, and crown lengthening. 


Crown lengthening is not a term that many people are familiar with, but it’s a standard dental procedure that can help restore your smile and preserve your oral health. Crown lengthening can remove excess gum and/or bone and reveal more of your tooth structure. The lengthening can make your teeth appear longer and more proportionate to your smile.


Dr. Maryanne Butler and Dr. Amy Riffel can correct various gum issues and provide preventive care to protect your mouth from further harm. If you are experiencing sensitivity, bleeding, or receding gums or want to correct cosmetic concerns, come see us for a consultation to discuss the best course of action to get your mouth back in optimal shape for a healthier smile.

In this blog post, we will dive into why you might need crown lengthening, how it works, and what to expect during and after the procedure.


What is Crown Lengthening?

Simply put, crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue to expose more of a tooth’s crown or surface. Gum removal may be necessary for many reasons. For example, if you have a “gummy smile” where your teeth appear short or stubby, it may be because your gums cover too much of your teeth. 


Crown lengthening may sound intimidating, but it can be a very beneficial procedure for patients who need it. At Periodontics of Cherry Creek and Mountainview Periodontics and Dental Implants, we perform crown-lengthening procedures as part of our commitment to helping patients achieve optimal oral health. 


Another reason someone might need crown lengthening is for restorative purposes. A crown or other restoration may be necessary if you have a deep cavity or a tooth broken at or below the gum line. 


However, for the crown to function correctly, there needs to be enough tooth structure exposed above the gum line. Crown lengthening can remove excess gum tissues and/or bone and provide the necessary space for restoration.


How Does Crown Lengthening Work?

Before the procedure, our team will numb the area with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Once you are numb, we will make small incisions in the gum tissue to access the tooth’s root and surrounding bone. We will then carefully remove excess gum tissue and bone to expose more of the tooth’s surface. 


After the procedure, the gums will be stitched together. Brushing is avoided for the first two weeks to allow the tissues to heal properly. A special prescription mouth rinse is used to kill bacteria in the area during this period that you are unable to brush. You must take good care of the area to maintain optimal oral hygiene during healing. We will provide specific instructions for home care and what to expect during recovery.


What are the Benefits of Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening can provide many benefits for patients. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your smile, it can also improve oral health by making it easier to clean and maintain the teeth and gums. By removing excess gum and/or bone tissue, crown lengthening enhances smile aesthetics. 


By providing more space for restorations, crown lengthening can also help preserve your teeth and prevent further damage or loss.


Crown Lengthening in Parker, Colorado, and Glendale, Colorado

If you’re considering crown lengthening, finding a periodontist you can trust to provide the best possible care is essential. Whether you need crown lengthening for aesthetic or restorative reasons, we can help provide the optimal oral health outcomes you deserve. 


At Periodontics of Cherry Creek and Mountainview Periodontics and Dental Implants, we utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure a comfortable and effective crown lengthening procedure. Contact us today to review our crown lengthening services and schedule a consultation.