Understanding Gum Recession

Understanding Gum Recession is a major point of concern for many dental patients. Receding gums expose the sensitive root areas of your teeth and can lead to a variety of problems, from severe gum disease to tooth loss. Fortunately, we have treatment options to reverse the gum recession and restore the health of your mouth. From root scaling and planing to surgical gum grafts, there are solutions, but they must be done quickly to avoid tooth loss.


What is Gum Recession? 

A recession occurs when the tissue moves apically from the base of the tooth and exposes the root surface


What Causes Gum Recession?


What are Signs & Symptoms?


Why is it Important to Receive Treatment? 


When Should it be Treated?


What Are Some Treatments?


If you feel like you have receding gums, and you want more information on understanding gum recession be sure to schedule an appointment with us today.