Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal

“I have always loved teeth. I can remember being a small child and making comments about movie stars’ teeth. When I became a Broncos fan, it was because Shannon Sharpe had “beautiful, big white teeth.”
I became an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant while finishing up high school and when I graduated I worked up front in a dental office.
One day I got to watch the dentist perform a root canal and I was fascinated. I’ve spent the last 20+ years learning and growing as an EDDA and finally had the opportunity to follow my dreams of attending dental hygiene school in Denver. I took my career as far as I could as an EDDA and was still in love with dentistry – 20 years later. So, with a lot of support from my husband and friends, I applied to dental hygiene school. I graduated in 2019 and began my lifelong goal of helping people obtain a beautiful healthy smile.

Here are 3 interesting facts about me:

1.Who is the person you admire the most and why?

My adopted father, he was the most generous, kind, loving, patient human I’ve ever known. Everything I am, I am because of him.

2. Your favorite food?

Is green chile a food group? It should be. Lol

3.Your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

On the weekends I love to spend quality time with my husband and my dog, living in Colorado means we never run out of things to do. I’ve also got quite the creative side, so I spend a lot of time on “crafts” or repurposing things I find.

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